Sufism or Tasawwuf or Irfan teaches humanism, love, brotherhood and oneness and believes in creating a world citizenship through “Tauheed” (monotheism). Sufism or Irfan is a way of life to achieve perfection in manners, cultivate and culture the mind and heart with purity of thought and good behavior, through possession of all virtues and negation of all vices by a process of self-annihilation, self realization, self sacrifice and surrender of will before the Supreme Will of Almighty Allah. Sufism is an absolutely peaceful and totally non-violent movement to awaken the soul to greater grandeur through simple living and practicing lofty ideals, through meditation, Zikr’ (incantation), Sama (singing of holy hyms) and other Sufi practices, by accepting the Risalat (Prophethood) of our Holy Prophet Mohammed sallallahu alaihi wasallam; by strengthening of faith, servitude (yaqeen), by protecting the precepts of Holy Prophet, performance of daily Namaz (prayers); acts and deeds of righteousness, seeking and observing ‘Taqwa’ (awe of Allah); ‘Taubah’ (repentance). “Tawakkal” (full surrender and trust in Allah); ‘Ikhlas’ (Sincerity), ‘Sidq’ (Truth fullness), ‘contentment (Tawakkul), ‘Haya’ (shame), ‘Sabr’ (patience), ‘Shukr’ (gratitude, thankfulness), ‘Zikr’ (remembrance), ‘Zohad’ (renunciation), ‘Khauf’ (Fear), ‘Rida’ (hope), Khushu’ (fearfulness, humility), ‘Istiqamat (uprightness) a ‘state’ in which Allah’s grace comes perpetual for it implies the perfect performance of Allah’s service, ‘Firasa (insight) as Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said “Beware of the believers insight, for he sees with the sight of Allah”; ‘Wara’ (abstaining, that is from all unnecessary and unseemly occupations) and ‘Simt’ (silence). The Prophet is quoted as having said “Whosoever believes in Allah and his last day, let him speak good or else let him be silent”. Silence is interpreted both literally as meaning that the man should learn to govern his tongue and metaphorically is referring to a heart that silently accepts whatever Allah may decree), ‘Adab’ (Decent manners, as Prophet (SAS) said ‘Allah mannered me and taught me good manners” live in righteous conduct; Dua (Prayer, seeking constantly supplicant to Allah, for Allah says, pray for me and I will answer you”) ‘Faqr’ (poverty) for Prophet sallallahu alaihi wasallam said “The poor shall enter paradise five hundred years before the rich, ‘Tafakkur’ (meditation), ‘Muraqaba (contemplation) and ‘Muhasabah’ (Self examination), ‘Tauheed’ (belief in one Allah), ‘Mahabba’ (love), ‘Shauq (yearing), Uns’ (intimacy), ‘Rida’ (satisfaction). Truth is realized by daily submission to the rule of law laid down by Allah, for achieving the perfection of human self by “Mujahida; a collateral form of Jihad’ to mean ‘earnest striving after the mystical life”. As the Holy Quran says “And they that strive earnestly in our cause, we surely guide upon our paths (Quran 29: 69). Prophet Sallallahu alaihi wasallam says that the “greater warfare (Al Jihadal Akbar) is against the earnest striving with the carnal soul (mujahat at nufs). It is by seeking refuge in Allah and seek His protection from the animal and satanic forces working in man, by observing ‘Saum’ (fasting) for the purpose of purification of inner and outer actions of man, by ‘Kurbani’ (sacrifice) so as to enable man to break away from the shackles of selfishness, self centeredness and to break away from the indulgence of pleasure seeking, materialism, ritualism, taboos and superstitions so as to achieve perpetual peace and “As-Sakina” (eternal peace) through deeds of everlasting goodness (Baqiyat us Salihat), thus to achieve Allah’s realization.

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